Our Staff

  • Nathan is an Idaho native of Kuna & Meridian for all but just shy of a year of his life.  His leanings toward tech. and audio started early in life.  His dad often would let him take apart and put back together old & usually broken AM/FM cassette players.  He might not have ever fixing one the cassette players, but he started increasing the numbers of working speakers he had around.  Soon he started hanging them up around in corners of his family’s unfinished basement & living room.  Thus, he was creating his own “surround sound” environment… before he’d ever heard of the term. All he knew was that he loved being surrounded by music.

    One day walking across this unfinished basement he was talking to God and told him, “If it is ok, I think I’d like to learn about sound.”  Years later when he started attending a new small church at 17, he was asked if he would learn to run sound for that church.  His youth pastor arranged for him to run sound at this new small church on Saturdays, then sit in a larger church service on Sundays.  
    This is where his inclination to help and serve the greater body of Christ to the ministry of running sound established roots.  He first benefitted from another church helping his home church.  And now he enjoys helping our extended brothers & sisters in Christ glorify him with sound across the valley whenever he’s called upon.

    Outside of church, his most enjoyed part of a week is spent Tuesdays & Fridays on the basketball court before school at Cole Valley Christian School with other brothers in Christ.  This addition to his life within the last 2 years is something a member of All Saints introduced him to, and he’s been grateful for it ever since.

  • Lynda came to All Saints after 30 years in Business as an Administrative Professional.  She manages the office and helps with personnel matters for the church, always willing to lend a hand to help others.  In her spare time, she enjoys time with her friends and family, watching her granddaughter grow, crafting, and experiencing all the activities that Idaho offers.

  • Scott is a singer/songwriter who lives in Emmett. His early years were spent in Redding, California, and in 1987 he moved to Idaho to study at Boise Bible College. After earning a BA in Biblical Studies, Scott relocated to Nashville to work in the music industry as a songwriter and touring musician. For 16 years Scott served locally as the Worship Arts pastor for Eagle Christian Church. In his long career as an artist, Scott has toured the globe (four continents and counting!) playing his music for new friends far and wide. To find out more about Scott’s music, visit his Website.

  • After retiring from the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Deke worked as the Director of Children’s Ministry at his church in California. Carol also worked at their church as the Business manager after 17 years at a Christian School as the assistant to the Administrator. Deke currently works at the Boise Rescue Mission, where Carol also volunteers. Deke and Carol feel blessed to have been able to serve together in Children’s Ministry the last few years. They have 4 children and 6 grandchildren between them. They love hiking, walks by the river and playing games. They consider themselves homebodies and love to just hang out with their dog Tony, and their cat, Gus when time allows.