At All Saints we attempt to choose music for worship that is God-centered—lyrics that focus on the glorious character and works of our Triune God. We sing many older hymns, but we also appreciate contemporary hymn-compositions and incorporate a wide variety of psalms into our repertoire. The common thread running throughout our music is a focus on who God is and what he has done for us in the gospel—his great love made known in Jesus.

We believe that the primary function of our musicians is to lead the congregation (the true choir) in worship. Together we sing and make music for an audience of One, pouring out our whole hearts in songs that cover the entire musical and emotional spectrum: sometimes in loud and fervent praise; sometimes in painful lament; in glad songs of thanks and in contrite pleas for mercy. In addition to this vertical aspect of worship—speaking with God—we also “speak to one another” (Eph 5:19), reminding each other of spiritual truths through the medium of song.

We are thoroughly committed to using and developing the musical talents of those in the congregation. Our musicians range in age from high school students, to students at local colleges, all the way up to players in the Boise Symphony. If God has gifted you with musical talents, click here to learn more about using them at All Saints.