Many Christians are unfamiliar with the use of a structured liturgy in worship. The word liturgy simply means “the work of the people.” Worship is more act than experience; the experience comes as a result of the act.

Our worship service generally moves through the following four cycles:

a) Liturgy of Celebration: we are called into God’s presence and offer the sacrifice of praise;

b) Liturgy of Confession: in his holy presence we become aware of our sins and confess these honestly;

c) Liturgy of Consecration: through the reading and preaching of God’s word he speaks to us the gospel and sets us apart for his service;

d) Liturgy of Communion: because we are not sufficient in ourselves, by the Spirit’s power we are nourished by Christ in the sacrament.

If a liturgical service is new to you (or it has been a while), don’t worry: we’ve printed everything for you in order. It is easy to mentally check out when reading things aloud, but turn off the “auto pilot.” As you read and sing, ask God to empower you to really worship with all your heart and mind. Then see how he uses your act of worship to change you and draw you to himself.

We have a safe and loving nursery for children ages four and under and a Mothers’ Room for nursing mothers. We encourage parents with children ages five and over to bring their children with them into worship. We have resources on-hand to support parents in teaching their children to worship — just ask our greeters to show you what is available.