Sermon Discussion Questions

Thanks for these questions, Nathan!

1. John was in exile on Patmos when he received this revelation. In times of suffering, have you ever felt God speaking to you directly?
2. Which aspect of this passage was most difficult for you to envision? Why?
3. What is the significance of our future being in a city? What keeps Boise from being a perfect community?
4. This passage is full of details that don’t make sense to us without a deeper understanding of Scripture. Do you ever wonder if John even understood all of what he was writing? Is partial or incomplete knowledge of Scripture and God supposed to be a part of the Christian life?
5. Brad elaborated on a lot of details and symbolic imagery from the passage. Which one was the most impactful to you?
6. If the Bible promises that all suffering will end and our deepest desires will be fulfilled, should that be enough incentive for someone to at least investigate the resurrection? Have you ever met someone who doesn’t want Christianity and the resurrection to be true?
7. What is significant about the lack of a Temple in the city?
8. “Hope is something you expect in the future that actually enables you to handle the present”. What did Brad say our hope is?