Sermon Discussion Questions

1. When you set out to reach a goal, does it help to look forward to specific joys associated with the goal?
2. What part of heaven’s wedding feast are you looking forward to the most?
3. Can earthly weddings provide a foretaste of the wedding feast; have you been to a memorable example of this type of wedding?
4.  Are we called to blind faith without sight?  What symbols in this life has God given us to look at to reinforce our faith?
5. How do Catholic and Lutheran Christians interpret the words “this is my body” differently?  Do you find these perspectives insightful or helpful?
6. Will there be multiple feasts in heaven? How does this change our perspective on communion?
7. Does our church practice feasting/fellowship well (wine optional)?  How about our community group? How can we improve?
8. What does it mean to store up treasures in heaven?  How is this different than a gospel of works?
9. Describe a time that you have been left out of a team/group/party/event?  Is it comforting to know you are invited to eternal team/group/party/event?