Sermon Discussion Questions

Thanks for these questions, Matthew!

What does our culture think about missions and evangelism?

Is it arrogant, unloving, and brash to say that Jesus is the only way to salvation and those who don’t believe are condemned to hell? Why or why not?

Brad emphasized that the great commission doesn’t command us to get conversions or win souls, instead it commands us to make disciples. How is this different? Is this distinction something that you have considered before?

How did the great commission change the culture of Israel?

How can we know if we are called to long term mission work?

If we are the 99% that aren’t called to long term mission work how can we be missionaries in our everyday lives?

What are our dreams? Are these a hindrance or help to living mission-oriented lives?

What was the encouragement, especially directed to those who feel overwhelmed with life, that Brad gave at the end of the sermon?