Sermon Discussion Questions

Thank you for the questions, Nathan!

1. What’s the key difference between the groaning of wounded men that Brad described to start the sermon and the groaning of creation in vs 22?
1A. Did anyone take time to be silent and listen for creation’s groans? Was that weird?
2. Let’s use our imaginations! Describe what a creation “free from its bondage to decay” looks like. What do you see as the biggest hints to the glories of the world to come?
2A. What does it mean to “do imaginative work”? Is this work only reserved for the artists among us?
3. Do you feel loved as much as Jesus? Is our adoption already complete?
4. How would our lives change if we consistently believed that our best days are always before us?
4A. Describe someone (Biblical or non-Biblical) who has displayed great hope. Is hope primarily an inward trait? How is hope different from faith?
4B. How can you instill hope in someone who is seemingly hopeless?