Sermon Discussion Questions

Thanks for this week’s questions, Jesse!

1. It is uncommon to think we need zero help with our sins, but very common to think we can do just enough for God to tip the scales for us (mercy).
1A. What helps in avoiding this impulse?  How can we explain this aspect of our faith to non-believers?
2. What part of our faith is more difficult for you?  Believing in Christ’s resurrection or believing in our physical resurrection after death?
3. When we are tempted with disbelief, is it ever ok to flee the situation and fight another day?  Are there times and places where it is more difficult to believe?
4. Are there resources for belief that we have in the 20th Century that those who saw the resurrection first-hand did not have?
5. When wrapping our minds around justification by faith, how do you reconcile James’ words with Paul’s? (“You see that a person is justified by works and not by faith alone?”-James)
6. What comfort can we take from the sinful struggles of patriarchs (Abraham, David, etc) which took place after God chose them?
7. Can people see in our lives that we are giving up things for Christ, similar to the great sacrifices that pioneers made to cross the Oregon Trail?
8. Does the justification of Christ require that Christ be a sinner?  Why not?
9. What are lies that Satan tells us to cast doubt on resurrection, and how can we fight them?
10. Do you ever get discouraged that your career is not getting enough accomplished for Christ?  Can this be a form of works-based faith?  How do you combat this impulse?