Sermon Discussion Questions

Thanks for this week’s questions, Jesse!

1. Does our contemporary world believe that we have darkness inside of us?
1A. How should we respond when we are challenged on this point?
2. How can we reconcile our sinful nature with the concept of God dwelling in us?
2A. How can we demonstrate to others that God is living inside of us?
3. Is God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit living inside of us?
3A. Did God dwell inside people before the cross?  How is Christ within us different than demon possession?
4. How do you respond to someone who says that God is in everything, inhabits all corners of the universe?
5. What are examples of mystical and experiential aspects of life/faith/worship that we can practice?
5A. What would take us outside of our comfort zone?
6. Is it convicting to hear that our thinking is driven by a pleasure/pain calculus?
6A.   How can we push back against this impulse?
7. Is it tempting to to engage in the fantasy of living inside someone elses body rather than letting Christ live in us?