Sermon Discussion Questions

Thanks for this week’s questions, Jesse!

1. Has justice been satisfied when one individual takes takes punishment deserved by another?
1A. How can we follow Christ’s example in this regard?
2. What is unique about Christ that legitimizes His assumption of our debt?
2A. What are Old Testament examples of this principle?
2B. Can this principle be applicable today?
3. What is one of the kindest things one human being can do for another?
3A. How can we practice this point from the sermon?
4. What is the difference between a propitiation and a mercy seat?
5. How can we be a mercy seat to the people around us?
6. Did Good Friday happen so that God could love us?
6A. What is worth giving up to be loving to others?
7. Is there someone in our life we can invite to Easter Sunday?
8. What is it that you see when you look at the cross?