Sermon Discussion Questions

Thanks for these questions, Andrea & Matt!

1) Brad said the universe is full of “billboards” that advertise the existence of God. What is one thing in creation that stands out to you as calling attention to the existence of God?
2) In contrast to his peers what did Paul say was the root cause of immorality in his culture?
3) How does the biblical diagnosis of immorality compare with contemporary moral critiques of our culture.
4) How can we discover areas of useless thinking, unwise hearts, and foolishness in our and others’ lives.
5) 21th century Americans don’t usually worship birds, animals, or reptiles. What are the modern day replacements that we as a culture tend to idolize?
6) What does society say God’s wrath looks like? What does the Bible say that it looks like?
7) What does the difference look like between Christians who still struggle with sin and those God has given up to an unfit mind?
8) How can we know the love of God?