Sermon Discussion Questions

Thank you to Damon for this week’s questions!

1.      Brad began the sermon saying that stories shape our understanding of the world. What is the story that you tell yourself? i.e.  If you had to summarize your life story in 1-3 sentences, how would that sound?

2.      There is a description of the culture and practices of Cain’s descendants in this passage.

a.      How do you reconcile the many accounts of polygamy in the Old Testament (including of leaders such as King David) with the church’s current stance on monogamy?

b.      In your opinion, does this passage condone or condemn the culture of Cain’s descendants?

3.      Cain resents the treatment of his sacrifices compared to Abel’s.

a.      What was the choice presented to Cain?

b.      Do you ever feel yourself faced with a similar choice?

4.      Do you agree or disagree with the statement that half-hearted Christians are the most miserable group of people in the world?

5.      Brad spoke about the pain of rejection. Cain’s response to feeling rejection wasn’t ideal.

a.      How should we respond to rejection? (hint: it’s not killing your brother).

6.      God asks Cain three questions: “Why are you angry?” “Why are you depressed?” and “Where is your brother?”

a.       How does this questioning differ from modern-day psychodynamic or cognitive therapy?

b.      Should we ask these questions of ourselves? of each other? If so, when and how?

7.      Brad spoke briefly on the dangers of self-induced guilt.

a.      In what way could self-induced guilt be negative? (We are Presbyterians after all).

b.      If self-righteousness blinds us, and self-induced guilt is not the answer, how do we judge ourselves and discern a good perspective?