Sermon Discussion Questions

Thanks for these questions, Matt!

1) What was the culturally universal nightmare that Brad described at the beginning of the sermon? How does it related to the sermon text?

2) Did Brad say that snakes lost the ability to walk because of the fall? Why or why not?

3) What was the method God used to confront Adam and Eve after they sinned? What does this say about God? Should this be a model for how we confront others?

4) Should we be true to ourselves? Why or why not?

5) We know that the curse of sin will be erased in heaven. On this side of heaven, are there things we can do to lessen the curse? Is pursuing these a worthwhile endeavor?

6) Was God petty for stationing a sword wielding angel to prevent mankind from ever again eating from the tree of life?

7) Even though this passage is about God’s just punishment of sin what do you see in the passage that reflects God’s grace?

8) Why did Jesus have a crown of thorns placed on his head? (This question isn’t just for the kids.)