Sermon Discussion Questions

Thanks for this week’s questions, Nathan!
1. Brad talked about the social pyramid of Israel during the time of Ruth. How does that compare to the social pyramid of 2017 America?
2. What role should the church take in combating sexual violence?
3. How much is an ephah estimated to be worth? Why does God care so much for the poor?
4. What difference does a consistent belief in God’s sovereignty make? How can we know God’s purposes for today without knowing his plans for all of life?
5. What are the character traits of Boaz?
6. What did Brad mean when he said that Boaz retold Ruth’s story back to her with dignity? How can we apply that in our own lives?
7. Test your listening / note taking skills: What six reasons did Brad give to argue that Jesus doesn’t fit the traditional hero mold?
8. Are there times Jesus doesn’t fit our own expectations?