Sermon Discussion Questions

Thanks to Jesse for this week’s questions!

1A.   This California university was mentioned in the opening sermon illustration.
1B.   Is healing (or lack of healing) a byproduct of faith (or doubt)? Have you had a experience similar to the youth group from the opening illustration?
2A.   This demonination-type accounts for 25% of the world’s Christians.
2B.   What is one of the defning characteristics of this denomination?
3A.  This cartoon strip, written by Stephan Pastis, was featured in the sermon.
3B. Why was Rat so agitated?
4A.   Jesus prayed in this garden shortly before his betrayal.
4B. Are prayers more likely to be answered if they are “perfect”?
5A.   This female missionary served in India for over 40 years without a furlow.
5B.   What prayer did God not answer for her, and how did it effect her later in life?  Have you had a similar experience?
6A.   These three Christians were thrown into a fiery furnace for refusing to worship a false god.
6B.   What was special about perspective the trio had on their plight?
7A.   This early Greek church was struck with sickness due to sin
7B. Can there be a connection between sin and physical sickness?  Has confession brought physical relief to your life?
8A. This Roman Catholic sacrament is administered immediately before death.
8B. What special significance does anointing have?