Sermon Discussion Questions

1. Why is “drifting” so dangerous? What does it have to do with the Reformation and what are its implications for us today?

2. Brian stated that the passage highlights two different types of people. What was the surprising, main feature of the second type of person?

3. How might this inform and/or challenge our perception of identity?

4. What makes tradition difficult? What does this struggle reveal about our hearts?

5. Which verses did Brian say were the “tape to your mirror” verses of this passage and why?

6. If we really believe all Scripture is profitable, what does this change?

7. Why is correction so difficult for us? What does it look like to use the training, reproof, and correction we receive to build God’s kingdom as opposed to our own?

8. What did Brian say that being complete in Christ is like? Why do we often miss the beauty of this completeness?

9. How does the doctrine of “Solo Christo (Christ Alone)” equip us for every good work?

10. Any other thoughts on the Reformation or examples shared in the sermon?