Sermon Discussion Questions

Thank you for this week’s questions, Nathan!
1. If God isn’t against planning, what is James saying he is against?
2. How do we serve as prediction makers for our friends and family?
3. What is it that you wanted 5 years ago? 10 years ago? Did you get what you wanted?
4. What did Brad suggest we do if we truly wanted to be in touch with reality?
5. In light of the Gospel, what should I be spending more time, energy, passion, and money on (give concrete, practical examples!)
6. Or another way of looking at it… what have I been avoiding/procrastinating that really matters to God?
7. What sin is denounced more often than any other in the OT? … What does that even mean?
8. What is God’s will for your life? (hint: Prov 16:3)
9. How do we often view “God’s will’? How did Brad suggest we view it?
10. What advice did Brad have for the anxious? For the indecisive?