Sermon Discussion Questions

Thank you for this week’s questions, Jesse!

1.  Is James or Paul a “Black and White” writer?
2.  Which Reformation figure called James a “straw epistle?” Why?
3.  What were the Reformation’s figures concerns about James?
4.  What infuriated the apostle Paul above anything else?
5.  Have you come accross legalistic teaching before?  What about the opposite?  How did you respond?
6.  What are the “works of the law” that Paul was concerned about?
7.  What are the “works” that James is concerned about?
8.  How do James and Paul differ in their treatment of Abraham?
9.  What is the one thing we were supposed to write down from the sermon? Why is it important?
10a.  True or False?  Good works are necessary for salvation.
10b.  How would you say this to avoid sounding heretical?