Sermon Discussion Questions

1. What is the contrast being outlined through much of this passage?

2. Why is organized religion often taboo in our society?

3. What was Brad’s response to the idea that favoritism is “just how life works”?

4. Here is a list of questions directly from the sermon:

– What are we entitled to?
– Where are we inclined to give preferential treatment?
– Do you treat others differently because of their wealth or connections?
– Who are we prejudice against (what does it mean to be prejudiced against another person)?

5. “Building a Gospel strategy around key people in society contradicts James.” Brad used the example of celebrities or sports starts, but do we do this with individuals in our own spheres of life?

6. Why does God care so much for the poor?

7. How did grace tie into this sermon?

8. What 4 charges did Brad give us to end the sermon?

Thanks for this week’s questions, Nathan Branahl!