Sermon Discussion Questions

Thanks for this week’s questions, Jesse!

1. How would you define a spiritual friendship?
Brad defined a spiritual friendship as a deep oneness that develops as two people journey together toward the same destination, helping one another through the dangers and challenges along the way.
2. 81% of Christians believe you can be spiritually healthy without going to church.  Do you agree or disagree?
3. According to Brad, Jesus’s body is metaphorically like what?
4. Can you find the word Christianity in the Bible?  In Acts, what name did Christians refer to their faith by?
5. Is Christian friendship private?
6. What were Brad’s four points of spiritual friendship?
7. Do you take the time to deeply consider your friends in order to better spur them?
8. Spurring requires causing pain, and the wounds from a friend can be trusted. Is it hard to give and receive wounds in a friendship?
9. What is the ideal ratio of encouragement to spurring in a spiritual friendship?  Answer:  90% encouragement, 10% Spurring. Do you need to be close to someone in order to bear their burdens?
10. Real encouragement takes action.  What steps can we take to put our encouragement into action?
11. An acquaintance says to call them if you need anything.  What does a real friend say?  Can you bear someone’s burdens without drawing near to them?
12. Why are we able to draw near to God?  Brad’s Baltimore choir story offers a hint.
I heard the savior say thy strength indeed is small, child of weakness watch and pray…
Jesus paid it all, all to him I know, Sin hath left a crimson stain, he washed it white as snow.
13. Why do we go to church? What is the goal of worship?
14. How have you lost friendships: people moving away, business, laziness, or self-reliance?
15. If you want to Christ to work on you, who do you need to let into your life?
Christ works on us through each other!
Bonus:  Here is a chart of this year’s sermon lengths.  If you thought this weeks sermon was shorter than usual, you were correct.

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