Sermon Discussion Questions

Thanks for these, Nathan Branahl!
1. Shelton talked about the sorrow of unmet expectations, yet also the joy of surpassed expectations. What can we learn from times when we feel God hasn’t met our expectations? What about when he’s surpassed them?
2. What are/were your plans for Holy Week? What did you make of Brad’s comment that Holy week is “not an observation, but an opportunity”?
3. Why does it matter that Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey? Does it change your perspective to know that Jesus rode in weeping?
4. In what way did Brad suggest that we need to “grow young”?
5. Jesus didn’t enter Jerusalem to solve the Roman problem, he entered to solve the church problem. How can we apply this to our own life?
6. How is “Easter is coming” an appropriate response to sorrow and pain?