Sermon Discussion Questions

Thanks to Jesse for these questions!
1.  How is “anchors a********” spelled?  What significance did this have in the sermon?
2.  What were some of the “anchors” Brad listed, and what items would you add to that list?
3.  Have you struggled with witnessing/talking to people who only accept science as universal truth?  What are the challenges/opportunities of bearing witness in a post-modern world?
4.  What is a “self maledictory oath” and are there oaths/covenants in your life that you strive to keep?  Has God kept his covenant with you despite your unfaithfulness?
5.  Brad mentioned a book by a Mr. Potter.  What was the significance of this reference?
6.  What comfort can we derive from Brad’s phrase “An anchor goes where we cannot?”
7.  Complete the hymn lyric:  In every high and stormy gale, __ _____ ____ ________ ____ ____.  Is this an awesome promise or what?  How does this tie into the events immediately following the moment of Jesus’ death?