Sermon Discussion Questions

Thank you for this week’s questions, Matt Henderson!

Brad talked about Christians trampling the fumie in the movie Silence, thereby rejecting Christ. What are ways that we are tempted to deny/reject Christ in our lives today?

What were the three interpretations of the passage Brad gave as it related to what was meant by re-crucifying Christ? Did you agree with Brad’s assessment? How do these fit in with the teachings in the rest of Scripture?

What were the three ways we can stray from the faith? (Brad related these three to ways to break traffic laws.) What are some specific examples of these? What are some ways to guard against them?

How should we relate to people in our lives who have apostatized?

Brad encouraged those with a tender conscience that if they are worried about committing the unforgivable sin then they haven’t committed it. Are there other ways we can encourage ourselves or others who have a tender conscience?

What were the heavenly gifts mentioned in the passage? How are we blessed by these gifts in our daily lives?

How can we balance the seriousness of sin which is emphasized in this passage with the grace of God revealed in the gospel?

Judas and Peter both denied Jesus. Can you think of any other people mentioned in the Bible who denied Jesus? What can we learn from these two very different outcomes for our own lives?