Sermon Discussion Questions

Thank you, Nathan Branahl, for this week’s questions!

1. If the wages of sin is death, why does Satan’s bait and hook look so appealing? What did Brad say always disguises Satan’s hooks?
2. What are your instincts towards God after you are on the hook?
3. What is the difference between sympathy and empathy?
4. I don’t really have a question here, I just want us to unpack these 2 amazing statements Brad made: “Jesus never used his divine nature to get out of temptation” and “Jesus was heard by the father because he was crying out to God as a man, not because he is God.”
5. How do you answer someone who says, “Jesus has never experienced my sorrow”?
6. “When we are covered in shame, go to Jesus.” … “When your life is breaking, go to Jesus.” What keeps you from going to Jesus?