Sermon Discussion Questions

Thanks to Rachelle & Nathan for this week’s questions!

  • Brad talked about drugs of choice when it comes to coping with our restlessness. Other than Christ, what/who do you turn to when searching for rest in times of restlessness and stress?
  • What were four different “rests” that Brad talked about?
  • How can we strive to enter eternal rest? 
  • In talking about how we can make the Sabbath Day a day of rest, Brad talked about how the Sabbath day should be joyful and the best day of the week. What can we do, that we are not doing right now to make the Sabbath day a joyful day?
  • In treating the Sabbath day as a day of rest, Brad talked about how it is trusting that 6 days is enough to work and that by not working, it shows death to world and ourselves. What is the definition of not working on the sabbath? Should it be up to individual interpretation? 
  • In trusting God to not work on the Sabbath, Brad mentioned that believing is giving rest from having to prove ourselves. This past week, have you felt like you had to prove yourself? In what ways? Have you felt like you had to prove yourself to your sisters and brothers in Christ before? 
  • Brad talks about how rest in Jesus Christ on the Sabbath gives order to our week and that Jesus is food for the depleted. What are your thoughts on this and what has your week been like when you have rested on the Sabbath from your job and/or school work?
  • What tangible difference does spiritual rest make in our lives?