Sermon Discussion Questions

Thanks to Rachelle for this week’s questions!

  1. What were the consequences when people of the Old Testament neglected the Torah? What are the consequences of neglecting the Gospel?
  2. In talking about verses 5 – 8 as well as Psalm 8, Brad asked us “When you look at another human being, do you see a cathedral?” Do you?
  3. How can Psalm 8 be fulfilled?
  4. Brad talked about a lecture that he heard this past week where the speaker mentioned that boredom is a problem in society and even if we see Jesus, we are still often bored. Can you relate with the speaker? How can we become “less bored”?
  5. How do we see Jesus?
  6. How moved are you when you consider that Christ is not ashamed to call you brother or sister? How moved are you to call other Christians brothers and sisters? How can you help your brothers and sisters during the week?
  7. At the end of the sermon, Brad talked about a commercial where people were walking with a digital clock over their heads that were counting down their days to their death. At the end of the example, Brad talked about how death is the number one fear of non-Christians, but not for Christians because Christ conquered death. Have you had conversations with classmates, family members, or friends over this topic? How did it go?