Sermon Discussion Questions

Thanks for these questions, Nathan!

1. Brad talked about recovering the shock value of this passage, arguing that we don’t react as readers of Jesus’ day would have. Can you think of any other passages in Scripture that we probably fail to grasp fully because we already know the punch line, so to speak?
2. Brad compared tax collectors to Nazi sympathizers during WWII. Who are the tax collectors in Boise, Idaho 2016?
3. The Jews would would probably have reacted with anger, frustration and shock after hearing Jesus’ parable. Are there any passages in scripture that elicit that kind of response from you? What specifically did Brad say was the cause of that reaction (this was his first point of the sermon)?
4. The tax collector ‘beat his breast’ in response to meeting God. What is it like to meet God? Have you ever had a dramatic experience of meeting God?
5. What did Brad argue was the key problem with the pharisees in this passage and is this something you find yourself struggling with? (2nd point)
6. In the final point, Brad said we must have ‘repeated grace on our lips’. What does that look like?
7. Give one example from the past few weeks where you’ve really seen and recognized the grace of God in your life.