Sermon Discussion Questions


Thank you, Matt & Andrea, for this week’s questions:

1) To what extent have you struggled with unanswered prayer in your life? How do you tend to respond?

2) Brad talked about the importance of vocalizing our struggles to God (similar to the Psalmist) instead of clamming up. Is this something that comes naturally to you? How can we practice this in a way that glorifies God? (i.e. without whining or questioning God’s goodness etc.)

3) Where do you fall on the submission (Paul) vs persistence (the widow) in prayer? What are some things we can do to find a proper balance in this area?

4) Brad gave two answers to the question “Why are prayers of justice not always answered?” What were they? Can you think of any others?

5) Brad concluded the sermon by asking if, when Christ returns, he will find a church of widows praying for justice. How can we as individuals and as a church make this a priority?

6) Is is hard or easy for you to pray for Christ’s return? How can we ensure that we don’t get so focused on this life (either the joys or challenges we face) that we neglect to remember our eternal citizenship and pray for Christ’s return?

7) It is easy to forget about or minimize the grace of God. If even a pagan who doesn’t care about either God or people still provides justice for the widow how much more does our holy and just God care for us? How can we reflect on this fact and apply it to our lives?