Sermon Discussion Questions

1) What responsibility do congregants bear for the purity of worship?
2) The Israelites obviously did not trust God enough to provide them with food,hence they held back their best sacrificial animals (the ones they thought would be the most fertile animals). Where is your lack of trust in God manifested in your life, in your actions?
3) What are the ways in which our church is tempted to make “unholy covenants”? In what ways are you tempted to do this as an individual?
4) How would you define the goal of corporate worship?
5) How do we reconcile the claim that no worship is better than half-hearted sacrifice with the belief that our worship does not depend on us, our feelings, or our mental state? In other words, what was Brad implying and not implying by making this point about the dangers of half-hearted sacrifice?
6) What are some spiritual activities that would be analogous to putting in our eye loop and examining the gospel from different perspectives, awakening the memory of what God has done for us, treasuring Him?
7) Brad talked about Tom and Melissa and praying for Muslims during Ramadan. How often do you pray for people that you don’t know?
Thanks for the questions, Sam Kelley!