Providing a meal is a meaningful, tangible way we can lovingly care for someone in crisis. The Women’s Ministry at All Saints has organized a Meals Ministry as a way of serving our church community.

If you are interested in participating in our Meals Ministry, please contact the church office.


2015 Meals Ministry Roster

February: Jordan Douglas, Gayla Hills, Andrea Wasdahl

March: Becky Blake, Teresa Boggan, Colleen Canfield

April: Nancy Benson, Teresa Boggan, Karen Woods

May: Wendy Atkinson, Teresa Boggan, Chris Pettinger

June: Teresa Boggan, Laurissa Reeve, Lisa Santoyo

July: Teresa Boggan, Erin Chaney, Jane Krumm

August: Teresa Boggan, Victoria Choules, Natalie Thomson

September: Mary Allen, Teresa Boggan, Kathi Branahl

October: Teresa Boggan, Brenda Brosa, Sarah Martin

November: Wendy Atkinson, Jordan Douglas, Kara VanderLeest

December: Teresa Boggan, Renee Ford, Maryann Plane

January 2016: Julia Barragan, Teresa Boggan, Jennie Wilford