All Saints is passionately committed to seeing the kingdom of God expand and the gospel known throughout the world. Here are just some of the ways we invest in missions at the regional and international levels:


Sacred Road Ministries

Sacred Road Ministries is an outreach to the Yakama Native American community at the foot of Mt. Adams in central Washington State. Their ministry includes local church planting, after-school programs, and a tremendous amount of mercy ministry. All Saints sends a group of volunteers to work on the reservation each summer. This year’s team will be traveling to the Yakama Reservation on May 31 – June 6. Please contact Dirk Carlson to get more information.


Theological Education by Extension (TEE)

TEE is a ministry that supports indigenous pastors in the Cordillera Highlands of the Philippines by providing them with theological training. Over 60 pastors, most serving congregations in very remote areas, receive books and other training materials in support of their ministries. In addition, All Saints helps the pastors periodically assemble together for mutual encouragement and sends teams from Boise to the Philippines to lead training conferences for the pastors. For more information about TEE, contact Shelton Woods.