Calvin and the Institutes

Few books of theology have made the impact of John Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion. How did this book come about, and how should we be using it today? This introduction explains why we are looking at Institutes and describes the book’s unique beginning: a letter to Francis I, King of France.


In the second class, we learn how John Calvin came to the city that became his famous home: Geneva. And we see how Calvin began the Institutes answering the question, how do we know God? We had a little difficulty projecting in the first couple minutes — apologies for that, but it’s quickly fixed.


In the third class, we examine how Calvin’s influence was amplified through the relationships he formed, especially at his college in Geneva. And we learn about how our knowledge of God has been corrupted.


In the fourth class, we hear about the end of Calvin’s life and how the Institutes answers the crucial question, who or what is God?


In the fifth class, we hear about Calvin’s controversies and failures and how the Institutes describes human nature.


In the sixth and final class, we hear about Calvin’s theological and political legacy and about the redemption that is ours in Christ.