What Are People Saying?

What are our Community Groups like?

Treasure Valley
We meet at the homes of various group members who live in different parts of the Treasure Valley. We hope to provide a context to connect with other brother and sisters in Christ and to develop Christ-centered, Scripture-based, committed interpersonal relationships as we strive to glorify God in living out the truth of His Word in the church and world (Rom. 15:5-7, Eph. 4:25-5:1, Phil. 2:1-8, Col. 3:12-24). This year we will be working through a John Stott study guide on the Sermon on the Mount. We welcome new members to join our group!

Village Meridian
This fall we will be starting a new group in Meridian. Whether you have been attending All Saints for many years, are new to the Church, or the location and time are a good fit, we look forward to having you. Please help us form a group that is unique in its personality and focused on growing in relationship with God and each other.

Vista Boise
Dirk and Pam Carlson will host a new community group the first and third Wednesday evenings of each month, 7:00-8:30, beginning January 4.  We will pray together, discuss sermon applications, look for ways to serve the church and our community, share meals together occasionally, and maybe have a once-a-semester book club. Anyone interested in learning more about the group is invited to an informational meeting on Wed, Dec 7. Contact Pam for more info.

Weed and Feed
Wanted: only the alive (the dead need not apply) for mental challenge, spiritual fertilizer, and paradigm “weed and feed.”  At the Jamburas’ home, the Scriptures are and studied in the original languages (and our own) so that we may grapple with them in their fullness. Come and see what God is doing with us maniacs.

Undoubtedly, “Dr. John” Jambura’s approach to a study of Romans is unlike any you have experienced. It is didactic, unhurried, unscripted—except as guided by the scripture reading—with a little theater thrown in to illustrate points being made. Questions may be asked, and answers provided. Answers may be challenged. If there is still a question, the matter will be explored further. Surely you will gain a much greater understanding of scripture if you are seeking it. Dr. John is a character—in a very good way— and definite in his belief; and, he backs up this belief with very impressive knowledge and recall. Despite the “heaviness” of Romans, he manages to keep the mood light while at the same time focused. Our study starts promptly at 7:00 PM each Wednesday evening and ends an hour later, unless a comment or question from a group member causes the study to go longer. If you come, commit to attending at least two or three sessions before you decide whether or not there is a fit with our group. It took my wife and I this many times to know that what we had gotten into, so to speak, was what we wanted. We hope to see you. –Bob Van Arnem