What Are People Saying?

What are our Community Groups like?

Treasure Valley
The Treasure Valley Community Group has a twofold purpose: a. To provide various means for those attending to mature in Christ and in the Christian faith through Bible studies, sermon discussions, book studies and prayer (2 Peter 3:18). b. To provide a context for those who desire to do so to connect with other brothers and sisters in Christ at All Saints and to develop Christ centered, scripturally based, committed interpersonal relationships as we strive together to glorify God in living out the truth of His word in the Church and in this world (Romans 15:5-7) (Ephesians 4:25-5:1), (Phil. 2:1-8) & (Colossians 3:12-24).

Village Meridian
Each week we enjoy a meal, study, prayer, music and laughter with each other. We seek to grow together this Fall in the book of Ephesians. Whether you have been attending All Saints for many years, are new to the Church, or the location and time are a good fit, we look forward to having you. Please help us continue to form a group that is unique in its personality and focused on growing in relationship with God and each other.

West Valley
We are generally older couples (55+) who are committed to supporting one another through prayer and fellowship. We focus on the application of Scripture in our personal lives for the purpose of building one another up (Col. 3:15-7) to be more effective in our walk with the Lord. We aim to be a real ” family” sharing the difficult life burdens and actively watching for answers to prayer.  

We are a multigenerational group (25-87) focused on people that live in central and east Boise.